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Having spent 22 years working as a nurse in the private & public sectors, I am perfectly qualified to head registrations of new nurses within MedGen.
Leanne, Director of Registrations
"I prefer to only deal with MedGen as we have had no issues with quality of supply or quality of candidates at short notice from them, not once."
Marina, Head of CCG
My Mum was a sister with the NHS in Scotland for 20 years; so to say that I have an interest in nursing and duty of care is a massive understatement.
James Gordon, MD, MedGen

We work very hard to find the best healthcare professionals in the UK and as well as offering some of the best rates of pay, support infrastructure and career advice to attract these professionals, we find that some of the best candidates we work with come via friends of friends, so we like to offer an incentive to those who refer in any of their colleagues / friends that we register and ultimately clear for work.

As soon as your referred friend has worked 3 shifts with us, we will pay over your referral fee to you - please get in touch with us for details.

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