5 Reasons to Register as an Agency Nurse With MedGen

By Josh Jezard

5 Reasons to Register as an Agency Nurse With MedGen

Are you an agency nurse looking for something a little more form your nursing agency? Here at MedGen, we try to be the best nursing agency in the UK by offering our agency nurses a host of incentives to make their lives and careers that little bit better.

So what can you expect as an agency nurse working through MedGen?

Money, Money, Money

We pay some of the highest nursing agency rates in the UK to our nurses. Nursing is a tough gig and we believe that our nurses should be fairly reimbursed for all their effort and loyalty.


Wouldn’t it be great to pick and choose when and where you work? Imagine having the ability to fit your work schedule in around your life rather than your life around your work? Well, when you register as an agency nurse with MedGen you inherit that control!

We have shifts around the clock nationwide and with work aplenty the decision is down to you. Kids have swimming Wednesdays? No problem! Can’t stand the thought of working a Friday night? Don’t sweat it! Only want to work night shifts? Ok, go for it!

Round the clock support

Nursing is one of the professions that doesn’t comply with regular working hours. We think it’d be unfair to send you on your merry way to a shift and just leave you to it.

No, here at MedGen, we have 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Whatever you need, you can call us, day or night and we’ll be right there to help you.

Two’s company

Some of the best candidates we work with come via referrals. We know that our agency nurses are the best around and we trust that they know a few exceptional friends and colleagues that would thrive working through a nursing agency.

So, if you refer your healthcare colleagues and we register and clear them for work we'll pay you a referral bonus! Sounds pretty good right? We will pay up to £400 for nurses that are referred to us.

In-House revalidation

Ahh, the dreaded revalidation. We know that going through revalidation can be a confusing and difficult process for nurses up and down the country. So, to take the sting out the whole process we’ve decided to take it in-house.

That’s right MedGen is here to lend a hand to all of our registered agency nurses to ensure a smooth revalidation process.

Our in-house team can answer your questions and give advice on the whole process from start to finish.

Like what you see? If you’re interested in working through the UK’s premium nursing agency as an agency nurse then register today to find out more about ongoing and immediate shifts that we have available.

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