5 tips to speed up your nursing agency application

By Yasmine Hachem

5 tips to speed up your nursing agency application

​As an agency nurse, you will experience the benefits of earning extra money, avoiding repetitive routines, and controlling your work schedule. Through working in a variety of environments you will also get to meet new people.

Sounds great right?


MedGen have come up with 5 easy tips to help speed up your application process when applying to a new nursing agency and get you working immediately!


1.     Work experience


This will vary according to the clinical area applied for. However, ensure you have a minimum of 6 months experience within the last 2 years.

Overseas candidates must have a minimum of 1 years experience working in this country.

If you have worked in this country for under 5 years you will need to obtain an overseas police check and an overseas reference from working in the country.


2.     Documentation Folder

By keeping a folder with all the necessary documents for your nursing career, this will save a lot of time when a nursing agency requests them. This will also be helpful for your Revalidation.

Documents kept in this folder could be qualification/registration evidence, identification documents, CV, PVG certificates if applying in Scotland, training/compliance records, immunisation records, employment contracts and letters (e.g. Most recent council tax bill, bank statements, and evidence of name changes etc).


3.     References

Under the NHS employer guidelines, you must provide references to cover 3 years of work experience, including one from a current employer. Often you will be asked for 2 clinical references from a nurse in a higher band than you.


4.     Proof of address

Check that all proof of address documents are originals. For instance, no online bills/statements. Above all, the home office set this as a requirement.


5.     DBS

Join the DBS Update Service. This will allow potential employers to instantly conduct your DBS check. If you are already on the update service or you are completing a new one, ensure all previous names are included on the certificate.

Whether you’re a Community Nurse, Registered General Nurse, or an Emergency Nurse Practitioner if you’re interested in working through the UK’s premium nursing agency as an agency nurse register today.

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