nurses talking in a hospital


Need a Nurse? Look No Further


Finding the best agency nurses and temporary healthcare professionals at a moment’s notice can be a daunting prospect. Especially at a time when there is a growing shortage of nurses in the UK. ​

As the UK's leading nurse staffing agency our mission is simple, we're here for you when others fail. We're available around the clock and ready to work with you to manage your urgent staffing requirements.

We partner with companies like yours to ensure patient safety by supporting you in maintaining a safe level of trusted healthcare professionals at all times.

We listen closely to your needs and then present our handpicked and compliant agency nurses and healthcare professionals to work with you.

As a nationwide nurse staffing agency, we cover your area, wherever you are. Our premium database of compliant specialist and general nurses are all qualified to meet your acute or community care staffing needs.

Our agency nurses possess a minimum of one year’s proven full-time experience relevant to the role in which we place them. They are competent and confident to go right in and work as part of a team or take charge of a unit. Your MedGen agency nurse will hit the ground running.

MedGen agency nurses are bound by a comprehensive code of conduct which pays special attention to:

  • Punctuality

  • Standards of dress and courtesy

  • Quality of care

  • Consideration and respect for others

  • Confidentiality, honesty and, integrity

In addition, our nurses have all passed compliance checks that exceed the regulatory requirements, and before placement, they have to be signed off by senior nurses on our own staff.

If you're looking for a reliable and trusted nurse staffing agency to help manage you staffing levels then we can help you. To find out more, please call 0333 121 1000. Alternatively, if you’re looking to fill a position, please complete the Contact Us form below and we’ll quickly be in touch.