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Acute Nursing

Are You in Need of Acute Agency Nurses or HCAs?

MedGen is the number one supplier of skilled temporary general and specialist agency nurses in the NHS throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on being the short-notice specialists. We are here for you when others fail.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the provision of agency nurses and experienced healthcare professionals married with our a vast database of vetted, experienced, qualified clinical staff, we know how to recruit specialist staff at short notice in spite of the shortage of nurses in the UK.

Your hospital operates 24/7 and so do we. We are always available and ready to work with you to manage your urgent staffing requirements.

Our mission is to help you ensure patient safety by supporting you in maintaining a safe level of trusted healthcare professionals at all times.

The agency nurses on our super-bank have all passed compliance checks in excess of the regulatory requirements and are signed off by our own senior nurses. You’ll find our nurses competent and confident to go right in and work as part of a team or take charge of a unit.

​Our team is led by registered nurses whose hands-on experience gives them a ready understanding of how to match the right nurse to your assignment.​

To find out more, please call 0333 121 1000. Alternatively, if you’re looking to fill a position, please complete the Contact Us form below and we’ll quickly be in touch.​

​Where we work

We’re proud to serve clients representing:​

• NHS Trusts
• Private care and nursing homes
• Private hospitals
• Community hospitals
• Social services
• Prisons
• Schools
• Mental health units
• Learning disabilities units
• Local authorities
• ICBs
• Continuing Health Care Teams
• Complex care agencies
• Brokerage teams
• Research
• Private organisations and industries


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