Discover the power of partnering with a Temporary Nursing Agency this winter

By Emma Smith

Discover the power of partnering with a Temporary Nursing Agency this winter

As the winter season approaches, healthcare facilities gear up for increased demands. Each year, we talk about this year being the toughest on record yet, this year is no different.

Healthcare professionals are tired, morale is low, industrial action looks set to continue and staff shortages are exacerbating these winter pressures. If there is one thing that will make any temporary staffing bank manager blue this winter, it's being short-staffed when patient numbers are creeping up and waiting times are getting longer and longer. With nurses already thin on the ground, it may be time to consider temporary agency nurses to help maintain safe staffing levels and ensure continuity of care.

People working in health and social care are dedicated to providing the best quality care they can, often under difficult circumstances. After all, nobody is heard saying that the way we'll get through winter is by tolerating lower standards. At MedGen, we understand the seasonal pressures you face.

We want to be able to help providers to deliver the best possible care and are bound by our shared mission to keep people safe. Our services are tailored to provide robust staffing solutions during the busiest times. From Rapid Placement to specialised nurses, we're here to support you.

We look at 5 ways working with MedGen can benefit your organisation this winter:

1. Flexible Staffing Solutions: Scale your workforce based on patient demand without long-term commitments. Working with a temporary nursing agency gives you the flexibility to respond to changes in your staffing needs quickly and efficiently. This means that your patients receive the highest quality care, regardless of your staffing situation.

2. Quality Care: Our nurses undergo rigorous screening and training to deliver top-notch patient care. With a host of specialists immediately available, you are able to fill any gaps that you may be struggling to recruit for at just a moment’s notice. Get ahead of the seasonal rush by getting a skilled professional on-board now to fill any existing skills gaps you may have.

3. Fast Response: With a large network of nurses, we can swiftly fill any staffing gaps. Our database of experienced temporary agency nurses are able to hit the ground running and integrate themselves into new surroundings and situations seamlessly. Our nurses are used to moving quickly and understand the expectations of our clients.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce costs associated with permanent staff while maintaining quality care. Partnering with a temporary nursing agency can provide a cost-effective solution for your healthcare organization. By only paying for the nursing staff you need, when you need them, you can reduce the cost associated with recruiting, hiring, and training permanent nursing staff.

5. Expert Support: Our dedicated team provides 24/7 assistance to always ensure smooth operations.

Register today to get ahead of the seasonal rush.

Temporary agency nurses are a valuable commodity heading into the winter season. They can assist your organisation in many ways by reducing stress levels, keeping morale high and ensuring patient safety is maintained through the busiest of periods. Ensuring your employees aren't overworked is key to keeping patients and staff safe and stopping any fatigue induced mistakes occurring.

When the winter season hits staffing managers will undoubtedly be inundated with requests meaning that you may not be able to focus your attention on finding a trusted agency that can provide you with the talent you need. Registering your interest with MedGen today will ensure that our consultants fully understand your organisation allowing us to provide you with the best talent suited to your needs when the time comes.

To find out more about how MedGen can assist with your temporary staffing needs, get in contact with our team today.

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