Becoming an agency nurse in 2024

By Emma Smith

Becoming an agency nurse in 2024

As the healthcare landscape evolves, agency jobs have become paramount in delivering effective medical services and maintaining continuity of care across the healthcare sector. The demand for agency nursing jobs is on an upward incline, driven by several key factors. Firstly, the aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, have escalated the need for specialised healthcare services. Global health trends, such as the recent pandemic have also significantly impacted staffing needs, and healthcare agencies have been instrumental in addressing these staffing shortages, providing specialised care where it is most needed.

Due to the complexity of modern medical care, the healthcare landscape is increasingly demanding professionals with niche expertise and specialised skills in areas like district nursing, oncology, and mental health. As individual care needs become more complex and treatments more specialised, the value of having a diverse, skilled workforce is paramount.

A renewed emphasis on flexible working arrangements has become a trend that is particularly pronounced in agency jobs and has become an increasingly attractive option for nurses looking for flexibility, diverse experiences, and a chance to make a significant impact. Flexible working arrangements are becoming a key factor in job satisfaction and retention with a third of the UK population considering work-life balance to be the most crucial consideration when looking for work.

At MedGen, we are committed to delivering top-tier nursing solutions to healthcare providers. By allowing you to take control of when you want to work and providing ongoing opportunities for you to grow, thrive, and make a difference.


The role of an agency nurse in 2024

Last-minute requests

For nurses who thrive in fast-paced environments, our agency offers the opportunity to respond to last-minute requests, providing valuable assistance where it’s needed the most.


Ad Hoc Cover

Embrace the spontaneity of healthcare by taking on one-off shifts. At MedGen Ltd, we ensure that your skills are matched with facilities that appreciate your expertise for those short, impactful assignments.

Short-term cover

Enjoy the flexibility of filling in for staff on short-term leave, gaining experience in various healthcare settings and maintaining quality of care.

Long-term cover

If you desire stability with flexibility, our long-term care packages allow you to commit to roles longer-term, providing consistency for both you and the clients we work with.

Dedicated 1-to-1 care.

For nurses who value personalised patient care, our dedicated 1-to-1 care assignments offer a unique opportunity to build meaningful connections with individuals requiring extra attention.


What we offer our nursing agency team:

  •   Competitive unmatched rates of pay - our PAYE payment scheme means you’ll get paid quicker with no unexpected taxes.

  • Holiday Pay

  • Flexible working to suit your lifestyle – travel to places you never thought you could and learn something new from different colleagues every day.

  • Referral reward schemes

  • Travel and accommodation reimbursements

  • Our dedicated team of consultants are available to support you 24/7 365 days a year.


Joining MedGen: Your steps to becoming an agency nurse in 2024

To maintain our premium database our agency nurses, possess a minimum of one year’s proven full-time experience relevant to the role in which we place them.

Our recruitment process involves the following steps:

  •          Initial screening review

  •          Reference checks based on individual experience.

  •          Digital face-to-face or recorded interview conducted or assessed by a registered nurse.

  •          Verification of identity documents, including proof of “Right to Work”.

  •          Completion of an Enhanced DBS check or evidence of a certificate on the DBS Update Service

  •          Occupational health assessment and proof of EPP and non-EPP immunisation.

  •          Up-to-date evidence of practical competency training for Basic Life Support and Manual Handling

  •          Documentation of educational certificates for advanced and specialist roles


At MedGen, we're dedicated to connecting exceptional nurses with rewarding roles across the country. Join a community of like-minded professionals, dedicated to making a positive impact in healthcare, and start benefiting from unbeatable pay rates, flexible schedules, and a supportive team to assist you through your nursing career.

Ready to take the next step in your nursing journey? Join the UK’s leading healthcare agency and let us get you started on a path of fulfilling, meaningful work, register today or contact us on 0333-121-1000

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